x-callback-url Documentation

Documentation for HomePass x-callback-url support.


This shows the Add Accessory view with the parameters sent pre-filled. SetupURI is an internal field and not user visible.

All fields are optional

  • name: String
  • deviceName: String (Internal device name e.g. Eve Degree 0B01)
  • categoryType: String (HMAccessoryCategoryType)
  • setupCode: String (Formatted as 123-45-679)
  • serialNumber: String
  • homeName: String (HomeKit Home Name)
  • roomName: String (HomeKit Room Name)
  • notes: String
  • setupURI: String (x-hm:// URL)
  • model: String
  • manufacturer: String
  • Custom Fields can now be sent. You can send their keys with spaces encoded as %20 or _ or -. For example, Test_Field=2 would be loaded to the custom field of "Test Field" with the value of 2.